Allround is the right name for this Opticont model. demolition, waste, wood chips, scrap or grain. With the Opticont Allround, the same container can be used for many different kinds of haulage.
The large units have a tare weight starting at 2150 kg. This allows the profitable haulage of low-density goods, whilst the strength of construction and materials can cope with scrap metal haulage.
The upper edge profile has been made extra strong to withstand rough handling. Naturally, the smaller units also perform economically with a variety of haulage tasks.
There are more advantages to the design than just strength and weight. The streamlined design, with no vertical reinforcing, results in lower fuel consumption. Together with the wide range of roof coverings, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to ten percent. This achieves an unbeatable combination of long life, greater payload and lower fuel consumption. Haulage economy at its best.