With a floor of abrasive-resistant steel and a low tare weight, CMT dropside bodies are extremely well suited for the haulage of both pallets and bulk goods.
The hook lift body is available in two versions with aluminium, either for pallet goods or for gravel. With built-in strength and maximum flexibility, dropside bodies provide maximum utilisation and transport economy.
The floor of dropside bodies is designed to handle high point loads and at the same time to provide scope to tailor the positioning of anchor points and sockets. The abrasive-resistant steel of the floor can withstand both gravel haulage and high pressure from carrying machines or pallets.
To increase ease of use still further, a number of accessories can be fitted to the tailgate. A hinged tailgate or a drop tailgate with pull-out bars are available as standard accessories.
Anchoring eyelets and hooks for tensioning straps are standard.


CMT crane bodies are available with the same specifications as CMT drop-side bodies. The load swap body is also prepared with fixing points for various cranes, and is adapted for the various load swap systems on the market. To handle larger cranes, the crane body is available with reinforced chassis members, enabling it to handle forces from cranes up to 30 tonne-metres.
A reversible version of the crane body is also now available. With a lowerable hook section at the rear, the load swap body can be swung round. In this way the crane is positioned further back and can reach a few metres further. A simple way of getting greater reach. The lowerable hook section can also be used as a load surface when lowered, and can be easily moved up and down by means of the crane.