Opticont Dumper is a good example of how the right body makes a big difference. High strength steel and smart design make the bed both light and strong. And this enables load capacity to be increased by as much as 30% compared to conventional beds.

The arched plate, without vertical side profiles, is a shock-resistant, durable construction. Flat sides also lead to lower fuel consumption, and prevent dirt and rust from getting caught in unnecessary seams. The fact that the body has no right angles on the inside also allows the load to release smoother during tipping.

The Opticont series has been around for more than 15 years, and is continually being improved with a focus on better transport economy and simpler handling. The series has won awards, and its design has inspired followers across in the industry. However, its rugged design is hard to duplicate.


Opticont Premium gives you all the benefits of Opticont’s standard series, upgraded to a premium model with a more robust feel. The body was developed with a focus on high quality in both materials and construction, and the design fits well with the style of new trucks. The reinforced rear section can easily be equipped with efficient gates, such as hydraulic, high-lift rear gates. In addition, Opticont Premium comes with extra equipment. Premium-quality paint and side angles that protect the truck during loading are standard


UniQont Dumper is a flexible body that can be adapted to meet your needs. The body is built on a self-supporting base that can be combined with various types of sides. The straight, reinforced floor makes it possible to transport gravel and fill, as well as machinery and other equipment. This means you can avoid making extra trips. Additionally, since the floor has an internal width of 2.45 meters, the body can accommodate pallet cargo.

As well as the tailgate, UniQont can also be equipped with side doors or aluminum flaps to enable loading from the side. Due to the use of thin, strong material, the body has a low weight of its own, and offers excellent transport economy. As in all of CMT’s dumper models, high-strength steel are also used in the floor and sides, increasing the durability even more.

Regardless of whether you choose Opticont, Opticont Premium or UniQont, the body can be ordered in four styles depending on the steel thickness your applica-tion demands: Gravel, Light dumper, Dumper, or Heavy dumper body.

All bodies can also be ordered by size, and combined with a broad variety of accessories, such as roofs and rear gates with manual, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation.






All of CMT’s bed models can be ordered as either fixed tipper or with quick-lock systems. Using simple means, we adapt the existing body design to a tipper on a truck or trailer. We naturally also offer solutions for quick lock systems. A new feature in CMT’s assortment is CMT+, an entirely new type of quick-lock system. Tip frames, tip cylinders, and rear hinges are fixed; only the body is swapped out. This means you can equip the truck with additional types of bodies, without repeatedly paying for new tip frames and cylinders.