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CMT’s range of hooklift flatbeds is designed for maximum flexibility to make hauling vehicles and equipment simpler and more efficient.
The low rigid platform provides quick, easy and safe loading and we have more than doubled the number of lashing rings and stake sockets to help ensure a safe journey.
The flatbed is designed for capacities up to 24 t gross weight. The bevelled rear end and the adjustable ramps, which taper to zero, make it easier to load vehicles with low clearance.
The flatbeds can be offered with a variety of different ramp solutions as well as other equipments as fro example curtain sides.

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The intelligent and heavy-duty design enables the wheel pockets to be built lower to reduce the bed height to 18 cm. This means that the machinery being transported is only 7 cm above the undercarriage.
The well decks are available in either aluminium or steel. The underlying supporting beams can be supplied as retractable or removable depending on the position of the pockets.
In extreme cases, we can build the wheel pockets so that the bed height is below the bottom of the frame. This means that the machine or equipment is positioned under the frame.


We can tailor your flatbed to your exact needs and if you don’t see what you want here, just ask. We love challenges!

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We can also add curtain sides with foldable or fixed roof to protect vehicles and equipment during transport. The back section comprises a roller curtain fixed to a top beam that swings out to give full-height loading.
The system fits many of our flatbeds which have a variety of ramp options. Internally they have standard lashing points that can be complemented with more stakes and lashing points.points and stake sockets.