ECOnt flak

A load swap container – which becomes an ISO container – which becomes a swap body – which can be carried by rail. It is also a product which can be marshalled with fork lifts, overhead cranes and hook lifts.

CMT’s new ECOnt model provides the haulage sector with yet another tool to achieve better combined loading and therefore better filling of containers. Choose rail for long distances and road haulage for shorter distances. This maximises the utilisation of vehicles.

ECOnt offers an alternative for intermodal transport which no company has succeeded in presenting before. By integrating the load swap system with the ISO system, ECOnt has added a simpler tipping operation by means of the load swap system. At the same time the container can be marshalled close to the customer with no equipment other than the conventional hooklift. This avoids costly handling at the terminal, leading to greater competitiveness for the combination of road and rail.

CMT’s great experience of building high-quality load swap containers with a low tare weight also means that ECOnt can be used in conventional load swap operations with good profitability. As a consequence, there is no need for the container to be used in long contracted flows; instead it can be used for conventional haulage of both wood chips and coarse waste. The unit can also be fitted with several of CMT’s standard accessories such as opening sides and roof, increasing its versatility still further.

For CMT’s customers, there is greater scope for using the same container for different loads on different load carriers. We need hardly mention that ECOnt refers to ECOlogical, ECOnomical COntainer. The product is the subject of a patent application.