CMT BAS is a series of hooklift containers
made of standard steel, but with a design
that is far from standard. The result is a base
model with significantly better durability and
transport economy.

CMT BAS is a smart choice if you are looking for a stable base model. The series
is made to handle the rough treatment that a container often experiences on,
for example, construction sites or recycling centres. The design provides both
increased durability and better transport economy.


Containers in the BAS series have an extra-strong top
edge-line that can resist heavy forces during loading and
other types of handling. The sidewalls are flat, without
unnecessary projections that can easily be damaged,
and both the sides and the bottom have a slight curvature.
This makes it strong and shock-absorbing design.

The absence of projections means that the bed enjoys a
lower weight of its own, while the flat sides cause less
wind resistance. Both theoretical models and practical
assessments show that fuel consumption can be lowered
by up to 10% in comparison with conventional demountable
beds with standing side profiles. The fact that the flat walls
also provide room for advertising is a bonus.

The BAS hooklift container is available in sizes starting at
14 cubic meters, and can be equipped with a variety of
different roof solutions, doors, and back hatches – all with
a high degree of finish and robust mechanics.


The free surfaces in the BAS design
offer better shock-absorbance, while
the curved panels distribute forces in
different directions. Here, CMT BAS is
compared to a hooklift container with
vertical side profiles. The container’s
side is loaded with 5 tonnes of force
from inside.

Since CMT BAS does not have any
vertical side beams that cause a
lock-in effect, the pressure can be
spread across larger surfaces. In this
way, the deflection effect can be more
than halved.

The absorbent design means that
point-loading of CMT BAS is reduced
by two-thirds. CMT BAS is thus able to
handle significantly larger forces than
conventional containers.


  1. A top-beam that holds its form is decisive for all hooklift
    containers. We have therefore designed a special profile
    for CMT BAS, taking into consideration the large forces
    that arise during handling and loading.
  2. The hooklift container frame is manufactured as a
    free-standing part in the design. The frame is rated for
    18 tonnes of total weight, and this guarantees that the
    whole construction enjoys a stable and functional base.
  3. All of the details of the CMT BAS have been carefully
    developed with a focus on function and user-friendliness.
    Moveable parts are to the greatest possible extent maintenance-
    free, with self-lubricating bushings and bearings
    as needed. Ladders and catwalks are standard – welldimensioned
    and equipped with skid-free surfaces.
  4. We place great importance on quality in production.
    Many of the parts are auto-welded, and sand-blasting
    and painting are carried out in ultramodern facilities.
    The result is a high-quality product to which we add
    a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee that includes
    the finish.
  5. BAS hooklift container can be combined with many
    different roof coverings. With the biggest product
    assortment on the market, we offer both covers and
    openable roofs in a wide variety of configurations.
    Many of the solutions can be easily controlled from
    the ground. What’s more, CMT’s openable roofs can
    be equipped with electronic, pneumatic, or hydraulic
    systems – all to reduce the need for manual handling
    when being opened or closed.


• BAS is the basic model in the series, with 3 mm side panels and 4 mm bottom
panels made of steel grade S355. This is a model that can effectively handle
all the demands placed on collection units in the recycling industry.
• BAS-S is appropriate for scrap handling. An upgraded steel quality on the bottom
and in the sides achieves 40% greater strength, without increased weight.
• BAS-L has the same strength as the basic model, but weighs 20% less.
It achieves greater payloads and better transport economy.


When you choose a bed from CMT, you can always count on high quality and good
transport economy. For over 20 years, we have developed cargo carriers that achieve
more efficient transport with increased profitability – all to help freight haulers and other
transport operations get as much as possible out of their efforts.
CMT welcomes customers of all sizes, and offers both hooklift containers and truck
bodies. We offer great solutions for financing, and because a body is an investment
that should be profitable for a long time, we have also created a unique insurance
policy for hooklift containers. A requirement for successful results is a bed that exactly
fits your needs.