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The CMT asphalt body meets all the requirements for asphalt haulage, with a semicircular shape and all-round air gap insulation.



When transporting asphalt, you need a body solu- tion you can rely on. CMT’s asphalt bodies stand for high quality in both materials and construction. The result is lower weight and a higher net load, in- creased durability, and optimal thermal insulation.

Key features include thermal insulation in the sides, floor, front and rear gate, and a smooth, stainless insulation plate that provides efficient heat retention. For extra long trips or during downtime, the thermal insulation can be supplement- ed with insulating material.

Folding covers with insulated fiber material are installed as standard features. CMT’s asphalt beds are also equipped with wear resistant steel on the inside, which extends their life further. The high strength steel, moreover, makes it possi- ble to transport more kinds of cargoes.

CMT’s asphalt bodies can be combined with a wide series of rear gates, designed for manual, mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation. The focus is always on easy handling.

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A stackable version of the CMT ASPHALT BODY, an excellent choice for combined asphalt haulage and moves. When marshalling the stackable asphalt bodies, the lower body is placed on the ground and the rear panel of the folding frame is removed. The upper body is then shunted into the lower body and securely locked in place with tensioners. All that remains is to lift the entire package and drive off!
The design of the stackable system makes it possible to have normal-sized asphalt bodies and still stay within the 4.5 meters height limit.


Opticont Asphalt is an asphalt body which is based on the gravel and debris body of the Opticont range. This means that the Opticont Asphalt is more all-round in its uses than a standard CMT asphalt body. Stainless steel (or painted) side cladding creates an air gap which insulates the bulk asphalt.

The load swap body can then be fitted with a folding tarpaulin with high insulating capacity and flexible end panel solutions. Together with a tailgate hatch, it is easy to place one body inside another (cassette version) or to carry rollers, bitumen sprayers or asphalt pavers, for example.

In this way, Opticont asphalt bodies offer a varied range of uses depending on the time of year and the job. All this, combined with a very low tare weight and an extremely clean appearance, makes this product an asphalt body for year-round use.


The CMT asphalt body is also available in a cassette version, in which the vehicle body fits completely into the trailer body, forming a visually attractive and compact unit.


  1. With a high-tipping hydraulic tailgate with raises the tarpaulin frame at the same time. If the vehicle already has a hydraulic system, this version offers very fast and smooth handling with minimal manual operations.
  2. With rear door which swings all the way back and removable rear panel. This is a fully manual configuration with therefore works with maximum versatility regardless of vehicle. The lower part of the door is made of aluminum for easier handling. The rear of the tarpaulin lifts away easily by hand.
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CMT also supplies asphalt bodies for fixed mounting. An existing high-strength steel load swap body for asphalt can easily be adapted for fixed mounting on a vehicle. CMT supplies complete asphalt bodies with insulation and folding tarpaulin, as well as more or less standardised rear doors with pneumatic or hydraulic opening mechanism.