A new revolutionary system for opening the roofs and walls of load swap bodies and of both small and large constructions.

The CMT System allows roofs or sides to be operated by means of a patented drive system. The system is suitable for both load swap bodies and small and large constructions. A unique feature of the CMT System is that it is not operated by manual effort but with a remote control device, for example.

The opening sequence takes less than a minute, so the vehicle is quickly ready to be unloaded.

The CMT System can operate roofs or sides, but it can also be combined to form a complete system which can open the entire construction, for example when loading with a job or gantry crane.

For load swap bodies the roof can be operated with a simple nutrunner. It has a construction height of only five centimetres. The roof lies more or less fully along the entire side of the container, thus minimising the risk of damage, which is otherwise a major problem.

The CMT System represents a further advance in offering CMT’s customers optimal solutions focused on ease of use and efficiency.